SMARTreview Certified Plan Review

Achieving Expedited Permits

SMARTreview is passionate about developing software and processes that remove the bottlenecks within the design and permitting community. We believe that it is possible to reduce the time to permit down to a few minutes. We find it intolerable that the building and construction industry is burdened with a cumbersome, costly process that wastes a significant amount of money for each permitted project.

Our research shows two key areas where the industry can make significant improvements:

  • Quality of information provided in the Plan Review Report, and
  • Standardization of the Plan Review Report

Delays in getting building permits approved may be costing the city of Fort Worth millions of dollars and causing some companies to scrap projects, home builders and developers say.

High Quality, Highly Accurate

The SMARTreview CPR uses the analysis results generated by the SMARTreview APR to create a high quality Plan Review Report that can be submitted along with a building's permit application directly to a municipality.

The CPR provides a project summary, an IBC checklist of all reviewed sections, and a detailed analysis of each IBC section from the project's perspective. We believe that generating a report directly from the BIM eliminates errors in the report writing process, and provides a consistent level of detail in each report.

Similar to the APR, generating a report is simple and fast. There is no need to spend days writing a comprehensive report, the CPR is generated in seconds (in most cases). The complexity of the project does not alter the completeness of the report.

Providing a very detailed, comprehensive, and standardized report to a municipality are key components to reducing the time it takes to obtain a building permit since the municipal plans examiner will:

  • receive a report about a project that has been designed with the SMARTreview APR (defect free design)

  • receive a comprehensive report detailing the project's compliance to each IBC section that is applicable,

  • receive detailed project information about each IBC section, read directly from the project BIM, that proves the project's compliance to the IBC, and

  • become familiar with how to quickly find information within the report.

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